A new campus for impact founders in The Hague. Spread out over four floors and 13,000 m2, Titaan offers office and event spaces, meeting rooms, lecture halls and makerspaces: Bringing together founders, industry leaders, talent and investors under one roof.

Go beyond known

In our 15 years of building innovation ecosystems globally by bringing founders together and connecting them to like-minded innovators, we realize that people are crucial to accelerating the implementation of impactful solutions. We blend these elements into Titaan: creating a state-of-the-art campus with founders, talent, investors and industry leaders working together to create positive change.


We believe in the ability of founders of startups and scale-ups to turn the world’s problems into opportunities. Our mission is to fuel founders to answer their calling to venture beyond known.

Why founders? Because they play a crucial role in the economy. They contribute to new business activities, job creation and setting standards in markets. By empowering these crucial drivers of innovation at Titaan, we are creating a hotspot for promising founders, from where they can grow their teams, ambitions and bottom line results!

Our roots in the hague


The Hague has ambitions to become a global leading impact ecosystem, having taken big steps by building innovation hubs for innovative companies, impact startups and creative industries. With the development of the Binckhaven locality and Titaan located in it, more quality environments are being created for the growth of local impact scale-ups while also attracting the most promising ventures from around the world to expand to The Hague.
Our parent company, Unknown Group was founded in The Hague back in 2006. With our roots established and the love we have for the city, will will leverage to Titaan to take The Hague’s innovation ecosystem to the next level.

Initiatives like ImpactFest, the largest European impact meetup and the Get in the Ring Global Meetup have already positioned The Hague as a leading impact ecosystem. The opening of Titaan wi The Hague's journey to become Europe's leading Impact City.

Our Team

We are 80+ explorers from Unknown Group with the same ambition to fuel founders. Get in touch with our specialized team below.





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