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Step Inside Titaan

Discover The Hague’s Powerhouse of Positive Impact in the dynamic Binckhorst. Titaan is located next to the Caballero Factory: the former cigarette factory in The Hague. Titaan used to be a warehouse, but is transforming into a vibrant innovation hub for impact-driven scaleups by 2023. Spread over four floors, Titaan offers entrepreneurs 13,000 square meters of workspace.

Photo by Braaksma & Roos Architectenbureau


Titaan settles in the fast-developing area of Binckhorst. In the early 20th century, the former Caballero Factory, situated next to Titaan, was producing Ed. Laurens Egyptian cigarettes. Before Titaan, the building was used as a warehouse for cigarettes and tobacco products. The history of this region can be seen in subtle details in Titaan’s exterior; look, for example, at the tobacco leaves depicted on the panels surrounding the building. In 2022, Unknown Group wins the right to acquire this building from the municipality of The Hague. Now, the municipality’s plans to create an innovation hub for impact scaleups start to take shape. And this is where the transformation of the building on Saturnusstraat 95 begins: from a warehouse to The Hague’s Powerhouse of Positive Impact.


Titans are a legendary race of beings that are said to be the first inhabitants of the world. They are often depicted as powerful giants who can control the elements and are often associated with natural phenomena such as mountains, forests and seas. As a 13,000-square-foot building, Titaan will be a hotspot for entrepreneurs who focus on impact areas such as: energy, food, health and education. By building a community of not only startups and scaleups, but also investors, educational institutions and government organizations, we support founders to become titans of impact. In addition to the Titaan community, startups with exciting solutions can showcase their innovation on the premises. Thus, the Titaan tenants (titans) as well as other visitors will be introduced to your solution. To “walk the talk”, Titaan is using innovations from impact-driven companies to become a sustainable building. Thus, we installed 1,000 solar panels on the roof to achieve the energy label A++. Furthermore, the materials used in the construction of Titaan come from sustainable sources and are largely recycled. Did you know that our insulation material is made from old jeans?


The transformation of the old Caballero warehouse into Titaan is progressing fast. Take a look behind the scenes on the right. Titaan opens in April 2023.


Titan provides founders with physical infrastructure to scale their business.